How To Setup Your First Affiliate Site In Less Than 5 Minutes

Years ago (the mid 90s) when I was learning how to build websites I remember there was a lot to learn in order to get a website up and running. You had to know how to code html, manage a server and of course choose the best animated images. Fast forward to today and things […]

Are You Acting Like You’re Working?

Last week my wife and I just got back from a vacation in Maui which definitely was a much needed break from the internet hustle. In fact while I was there I did absolutely zero work, which for those that know me is like a week in rehab. While there much of our time was […]

How To Find Outsourcers In The Philippines

One topic that I haven’t discussed at all on my blog which I plan to quite a bit in the future is outsourcing. If you’re in the internet marketing space at all you should be using outsourcers as much as you can. It’s so nice to have people working IN my business so I have […]

10 Ways To Monetize Your Blog

I was sitting here thinking about what questions people ask me the most when I mention what I do for a living and the topic of blog monetization keeps coming up. Many friends and random people I run into run blogs on a wide range of topics and they either ask me how to make […]

10 Reasons Affiliates Don’t Like Your Website

I’ve been looking through a lot of merchant sites lately in a quest to find some good cost per sale programs to promote, and am amazed at what a terrible job many merchants have done with their websites at attracting affiliates like me. ?Many of these programs I’ve run across have the potential to be […]