5 Ways To Meet Your Target Markets Needs

This weekend my wife and I took our 6 month old daughter and went to some factory outlets to do a little clothes shopping (yeah, my favorite). After my daughter?successfully?kept us from shopping for the 1st hour by screaming at the top of her lungs, she finally fell asleep in her stroller and we were […]

How To Make New Customers Love You

Last night I went to a new local restaurant (Fireside Cafe in Vancouver, WA) with my wife and a few friends. ?My friend had been raving about how great the place was for weeks and how great their nachos were, so we finally decided to go. ?All excited for nachos, we sat down at the […]

Getting The Most Out Of Your Affiliate Manager

A lot of the questions I get asked by newer affiliates are really good questions, but honestly I can’t answer them as I don’t have the information they are looking for. It generally involves information about offers, demographics, landing page styles, etc. What a lot of people don’t realize, is generally their affiliate managers can give them a ton of valuable information to succeed.

How To Create An Affiliate Landing Page Fast

when it comes to your campaigns and if they are successful or a waste of money. I’m assuming you at least know a little about HTML, otherwise you need to learn some of the basics (unless of course you just want to outsource everything).

Split Testing Lessons From A Homeless Man

Everyday when I drive into my office there is an old homeless guy standing on the same corner begging for money at a very busy intersection that I pass. While he may or not realize it (I’m sure he does), he is a total marketer and has got me thinking about split testing my landing pages this week.