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Do What Works For You

Man RunningToday is Monday, my favorite day of the week for sure. Why exactly? Well, I get to go back to working on projects that I absolutely love. My feelings on Mondays have definitely changed since I was stuck in a cubicle working on projects that didn’t interest me years ago.

Anyways, I wanted to share with you something that I discovered this past week that has changed me for the better and apply it to the question, “What should I be doing in my affiliate marketing business?”

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Are You Acting Like You’re Working?

Logan in HawaiiLast week my wife and I just got back from a vacation in Maui which definitely was a much needed break from the internet hustle. In fact while I was there I did absolutely zero work, which for those that know me is like a week in rehab.

While there much of our time was spent sitting on the beach doing nothing at all other than reading a book or watching the waves roll into the warm sand in front of us. Quite a bit of time I was able to spend time thinking about my business instead of working in it.

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1 Simple Trick To Reduce Blog Spam

Stop Blog Comment SpamWhether you blog or just run your sites using WordPress, spam comments are a pain in the butt. Hopefully at the very least you are using the Akismet plugin to help keep your comment spam from overwhelming your site.

While Akismet it great I’m sure you still get quite a bit of bot generated comments filling up both your spam box as well as making it to your approval page.

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How To Find Outsourcers In The Philippines

Where To Outsource To The PhilippinesOne topic that I haven’t discussed at all on my blog which I plan to quite a bit in the future is outsourcing. If you’re in the internet marketing space at all you should be using outsourcers as much as you can.

It’s so nice to have people working IN my business so I have the time to work ON my business. While I do outsource a few tasks to outsourcers on places such as oDesk and eLance, I much prefer to hire full time employees in the¬†Philippines.

I pretty much outsource most of my writing (except for my blogs), SEO, link building, and web design tasks now so I can spend my time moving my business forward.

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10 Ways To Monetize Your Blog

How To Monetize a BlogI was sitting here thinking about what questions people ask me the most when I mention what I do for a living and the topic of blog monetization keeps coming up.

Many friends and random people I run into run blogs on a wide range of topics and they either ask me how to make money from it, or they simply state that blogs are great for receiving free stuff, but you can’t earn a living off of them.

While I would say a big majority of bloggers don’t know how to properly monetize their site, it can be done and it isn’t too difficult to earn $500-$5000 a month with an average blog.

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