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How I Got 226,626 Unique Visitors In 1 Week With 1 Blog Post

graphoftrafficI’ve been a big fan of content marketing for a long time. Sure, paid traffic is fun, but when you can bring a tidal wave of traffic to your site for zero cost other than your time, it’s a beautiful thing.

I run multiple blogs and have learned quite a lot over the years about attracting visitors using a variety of traffic. I’ve experimented a lot with SEO, PPC, Social Media and everything in between, and believe that a mixture of a little bit of everything is important to have a solid business.

Last month some hard work on one of my blogs (Blog About Beer) has paid off. Honestly, my beer blog has been an experimental blog as it isn’t the most lucrative niche. Over the past year or so I really was slacking on the blog and content was few and far between.

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How To Increase Your Facebook Fan Page Reach

As many of you might know, over the past couple of weeks Facebook made an algorithm change to the way they show your fan page updates to your fans.

People everywhere are seeing a decline in the reach of their status updates in a move that seems like Facebook is “bullying” fan page owners to pay for people to see what they have to say. It appears Facebook is even admitting this is happening.

All over the web I see people whining how it’s unfair and crying how it’s bad for their businesses.

Sure, it sucks. But get over it. They can do whatever they want, it’s their website.

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How I Leveraged a Blog to Get 2 Book Deals

Beer Lover's OregonIf you would have asked me 10 years ago if I would have been a published author at some point in my life, I probably would have laughed straight in your face.

Seriously, that is the last thing I thought I could do. I never really enjoyed writing, plus I figured I didn’t have any knowledge that would be useful that wasn’t already in books.

Fast forward to November of 2013 and I have not just one, but two published books. Real, hard copy, beautifully smelling books with my name on the cover.

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Content is King, Keanu Reeves Can Act and Other Lies We’re Told

Back when I was a kid, my sister and I spent way too much time watching Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure starring Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter. Maybe it was because I was only 7 when it was released, but from that age all the way through high school I believed it to be one of the greatest films ever made.

Sure, I can still quote just about every line from the movie today, but as I grew up I started to realize that the acting in the movie actually sucked pretty bad.

Something in me however has great affinity towards it since it was such a part of my childhood. Even today when new movies come out starring Keanu Reeves I still get excited for a split second.

As I’ve gotten smarter however, I’ve came to the conclusion that Hollywood has been lying to me. Keanu Reeves is a terrible actor (especially in any role other than a stoner).

In our culture I’m realizing we’ve been lied to every day in hundreds of ways. Don’t believe me? Just look at pretty much 90% off ads out there.

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The Complete Newbies Guide To Creating a Profitable Website

This might date me a little, but back in 1996 I built my first website. It wasn’t pretty but it was amazing. The background was a basketball court and the page was filled with plenty of animated gifs dancing around, blinking, and looking magnificent.

Luckily the web design world (and my skills) have greatly evolved since those days.

One thing I remember back then was the great amount of learning that went into building that first site. It felt like I was climbing a mountain blindfolded, but eventually I reached the top.

Talking with people new to the world of building websites for profit, it seems that things can be just as confusing today. It takes more than just building a site to make money with it, and there seems to be a million questions to ask.

This daunting task keeps people from just jumping in and getting their feet wet. Instead they get caught in the cycle of reading without implementing.

If this sounds like you, then this post might just be the starting blueprint you need to create your first successful website.

Note that there is no way I can show you everything you need to know in these 4500 words, but think of it as a starting point that will get you one step closer to making money with your own sites.

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