The 2 Most Important Tips To Market Your Business

I talk to a lot of business owners and marketers and found two things that successful businesses do, that if you don’t implement, I guarantee your marketing efforts will fail.

Are you ready, they are really mind blowing.

  1. Do Something
    So many people don’t do anything when it comes to marketing. They spend all of their time reading and wondering if they should spend money here or there. My advice is to try EVERYTHING. If you are constantly trying new ways to advertise and market your business, you are probably already ahead of your competition.
  2. Track Your Marketing
    It amazes me how most business don’t track any of their marketing efforts. How are you supposed to know what works unless you track everything? You should know exactly what works and what doesn’t. Get rid of what isn’t working.

Step 3 might be to repeat steps 1 and 2 over and over and over and over. It’s that simple. If you aren’t do something, your marketing will fail. If you aren’t tracking, your wasting money.

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  1. I have tried many different search engine strategists to seo my business sites and have found these people to be so aloof and even irresponsible. They talk the talk but seldom walk the walk. Can you suggest a way to meet someone who can actually get my site on the first page of Google without spending a fortune?

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