Over 35 Self-Serve Places To Advertise Online

If you’re like me, you are constantly looking for new traffic sources to promote your sites. We all know the obvious choices such as AdWords and Facebook which offer self-serve advertising options, but there are plenty of alternatives out there.

I’ve compiled a list of ad networks which offer self-serve advertising options that you can use to buy a lot of traffic.

Search Engines

1. 7 Search – Mixed reviews with 7Search. Not a lot of traffic unless you are targeting high traffic keywords.

2. ABCSearch

3. eClickz

4. FindItQuick – Haven’t heard much from this PPC engine.

5. Google AdWords – Works great if they allow you to keep your account.

6. Kanoodle

7. LookSmart

8. MIVA – Not a ton of traffic, but it seems fairly quality.

9. MSN AdCenter – Includes Yahoo search as of 10/10.

Social Networks

10. Facebook – Great place to find traffic all over the world.

11. MyAds – Advertise on Myspace.

12. LinkedIn DirectAds

13. PlentyOfFish – Great to place to target singles. A huge dating site.

Ad Networks

14. AdBlade – Text ads with images.

15. AdBrite

16. AdCause – Advertising money goes to help support different charities.

17. AdEngage

18. Adknowledge

19. Ad.ly – In-Stream advertising platform.

20. AdMarketplace

21. AdReady

22. AdRoll


24. AOL Advertising

25. BeTweeted – Paid Twitter advertising.

26. Bidvertiser – I’ve had limited success with Bidvertiser.

27. BuySellAds.com

28. CBS Interactive

29. Chitika

30. Click Share

31. FetchBack – Ad re-targeting to advertise to people who have already been to your site.

32. NY Times – Way overpriced advertising.

33. Pulse 360

34. Sponsored Tweets – Advertise via people’s tweets.

35. Twittad – Similar to Sponsored Tweets.

I’m sure there are a lot more that I’ve missed. Are they any favorite places not on the list you would recommend?

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24 Responses

  1. love the list. even better. seeing your results with the platforms. keep up posting results and I post up mine too.
    One I DID NOT have success with was Ezango NOT zango. Ezango.

  2. great list, thanks !
    i’ve done fetchback for some clietns in the past; its an interesting concept. You could also do re targeting within adwords as well

  3. For mobile advertising I’ve used inmobi.com, buzzcity.com and admob.com. Amazing amounts of traffic in very short time frame. If you use them you have to watch very closely or you’ll spend money faster than you can imagine.

    I had one ad that I blew through $50 at 0.17 a click in 10 minutes. It was stunning.

  4. We’ve used adbuyer.com. An ad network that allows you to advertise with various sized banners. Decent amount of traffic, reasonably priced. Might be worth a few tests.

  5. I would ad 2 more. MegaClick.com and I forgot the name of this huge game network??? Anyone remembers the name of this adnetwork??

  6. I had them on the list and took them off. Apparently last month they shut down their ppc program and all their ads are now being served by AdWords.

    1. If you don?t have money, you could focus on SEO which takes a long time. Or you could get a business loan. If your serious about running a business, you need to invest some capital.

    1. Yeah, I didn’t list any CPV networks but there is TrafficVance, Media Traffic, DirectCPV, Lead Impact, Addon, Clicksor (off the top of my head). I’ve done very little with CPV though.

  7. List of the largest networks according to comscore and quantcast

    Adblade – 190.3 million monthly uniques – http://www.quantcast.com/p-b8GPCpJxfqYm2
    Google ? 156.1 million monthly uniques – http://www.quantcast.com/google.com
    Facebook ? 148.3 million monthly unique – http://www.quantcast.com/facebook.com
    Meebo ? 136.8 million monthly uniques – http://www.quantcast.com/p-93vmRJG_BQlqo
    Vibrant media ? 136.1 million monthly uniques ? Comscore Oct 2011
    Undertone ? 125.2 million monthly unique ? Comscore Oct 2011
    Ask Network ? 90 million monthly unique ? Comscore Oct 2011
    Kontera ? 75.5 million monthly uniques – http://www.quantcast.com/kontera.com
    Click Booth ? 43 million monthly uniques – http://www.quantcast.com/clickbooth.com
    AOL ? 40.8 million monthly unique – http://www.quantcast.com/aol.com
    Linkedin ? 39.4 million monthly uniques – http://www.quantcast.com/linkedin.com
    Pulse 360 ? 39.6 million monthly uniques – http://www.quantcast.com/pulse360.com
    Adbrite ? 15.6 million monthly unique – http://www.quantcast.com/adbrite.com
    Myspace ? 14.8 million monthly uniques – http://www.quantcast.com/myspace.com

  8. Thanks so much David. You just went out of your way to freaking help a bunch of anonymous people over the internet. What a nice guy.

  9. Hey Logan,

    Nice list. You should check out AdsGadget. They’re a new self-serve ad platform for smaller publishers. Great results!

    Cheers! and keep up the good posting:)

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