Is Your Marketing Like David Hasselhoff’s Drinking Problem?

It’s no secret that David Hasselhoff loves Vodka with a dirty passion. Just today he was rushed to the hospital for the second time in 5 months, which makes at least 5 times he has vacationed in the local hospital in the past few years for alcohol poisoning.

Pretty much anyone you ask will tell you “The Hoff” has a problem. The more I think about it, the more I realize that a lot of people are acting like Hasselhoff when it comes to marketing and they need to stop.

Think about it for a minute. You know that Hasselhoff knows that he has a drinking problem, yet he still continues to get wasted to the point of almost dyeing.

Maybe for some reason he doesn’t realize he has a problem despite all that he has gone through lately, which is why he keeps picking up the vodka tonics and making himself sick time and time again. Does this sound like any marketers you know?

When it comes to affiliate marketing, I’ve seen people being dumb with their money. They spend money on PPC, design, SEO, and before they get their campaigns off the ground they have lost some money and give up on the campaign and move on to the next.

Guess what happens on the next campaign? Yep, they pull a Hasselhoff and make the mistake again by getting burnt out on their campaign before they turn it profitable and quit way to soon. All that they are doing is spending and wondering why they never make any money.

As my friend Eric Nagel quotes on his website, “Affiliate marketing isn’t hard, it’s just a lot of hard work”. Granted there are campaigns that suck and have no chance of being profitable, but you should be doing your homework before even starting a campaign to be sure there is a market for it.

Once you start your campaign, don’t give up early and keep making that mistake. You won’t be successful until you put a lot of hard work into your campaigns and work at them until they are profitable.

Don’t be like The Hoff and keep making the same mistake over and over again. If you need help, get it and move on.

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