How To Setup Your First Affiliate Site In Less Than 5 Minutes

Years ago (the mid 90s) when I was learning how to build websites I remember there was a lot to learn in order to get a website up and running. You had to know how to code html, manage a server and of course choose the best animated images.

Fast forward to today and things are completely different. In all honesty you could probably show a 5 year old how to setup their first website.

It’s really not that difficult with todays technology.

If you’re brand new to making money online or have been thinking about setting up your own website than now is the best time to do it. In fact it will take you less time to setup a site than it will to listen to Meat Loafs I’d Do Anything For Love.

So let’s get started.

How To Setup Your First Site Fast

The first two things you need for getting a website up and running is a domain name and web hosting.

If you are just getting started I recommend Bluehost for both. Yes, I get a commission from them if you signup through my link, but that’s not the reason I recommend them.

I myself have an account with them and they are great. I’ve never had a problem with their support and they make it really easy to signup. Plus when you signup you get a domain for free so it makes the process really simple.

On top of that you can host multiple sites under 1 account plus they have a great help center.

So let’s get started.

Step 1. Click here to go Bluehost and click the big green get started button.

Signup With BlueHost

Step 2. Come up with a new domain and enter it in the box. Make sure you type it without spelling errors (and include keywords based on your niche).

Enter Domain

Step 3. Enter in your information. Choose your desired length for your hosting. You save a bit by signing up 2 years in advance. Enter credit card info and click “next”.

BlueHost Step 2

Step 4. Skip all their up sells on on the next page and click “complete”.

Step 5. Choose your password and then login.

Step 6. Once logged into BlueHost. Click on “cPanel” up top and scroll down to the header “Software/Services” and click on “WordPress”. If you are unfamiliar with WordPress, it is the software that a good majority of sites run on (including this site).

Step 7. Click the green “install” button and follow the directions. Congratulations, your site should be setup now.

Now it’s time to login to your WordPress installation and start adding some content and configuring your site the way you want it. At this point if you are unfamiliar with WordPress check out the help section here. You’ve already done the first 3 steps so just scroll down to step 4 titled “Setup WordPress”.

I decided to setup a new hosting account with Bluehost and setup a WordPress site before writing this post. From the time I went to their site and went through the order process until my site was online and ready to go was less than 5 minutes.

Next comes the fun part, adding content. However I’ll save that for another post.

Have any questions with getting your site setup with BlueHost? Ask your questions in the comments section below.

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