How To Make New Customers Love You

Last night I went to a new local restaurant (Fireside Cafe in Vancouver, WA) with my wife and a few friends. My friend had been raving about how great the place was for weeks and how great their nachos were, so we finally decided to go. All excited for nachos, we sat down at the table.

When we ordered the nachos, the waitress said they were out of cheese (it was fairly close to closing time), but if we would wait they would send an employee to a supermarket and by some cheese just for us. This was the first time I’ve been to a restaurant that was out of an item and was willing to go buy some more ingredients just for me.

We decided to wait for the nachos and they sent someone to get the cheese from a near by store. I’m sure it wasn’t the most profitable thing for them to do, but it was impressive. On a side note, they brought the nachos out on an extra large pizza tray and they were amazing. The 4 of us couldn’t even eat through half of them.

This was my first time at the cafe and they provided such an amazing experience for me that I’ll definitely be back and let my friends know to try it out.

Treat Your Customers Right

It doesn’t matter if you are an online or offline business, do whatever you can to make a good impression on your customers. Do what your competitors won’t just to make your customers happy.

Yeah, it might not be the most profitable thing to do, but they will be back if you treat them right. You will also have them spreading news about you to their friends.

What was the best customer experience you have received?

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One Response

  1. I 100% agree!
    Treat your customers right, by going that extra step,.. in the long run it works out..they will spread the word about your business and how excellent their customer service is.

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