How To Find Outsourcers In The Philippines

One topic that I haven’t discussed at all on my blog which I plan to quite a bit in the future is outsourcing. If you’re in the internet marketing space at all you should be using outsourcers as much as you can.

It’s so nice to have people working IN my business so I have the time to work ON my business. While I do outsource a few tasks to outsourcers on places such as oDesk and eLance, I much prefer to hire full time employees in the?Philippines.

I pretty much outsource most of my writing (except for my blogs), SEO, link building, and web design tasks now so I can spend my time moving my business forward.

Why The Philippines?

In the past I’ve hired from other countries such as India and Bangladesh, and I quickly realized that I prefer to work with people in the Philippines the best for a few reasons.

  1. They speak and write in English very well. Less communication gets lost in translation.
  2. Their culture is a lot more similar to Western culture than other countries.
  3. They tend to be hard workers and very loyal.
  4. I’ve had more success working with Filipinos.

A Good Experience Starts In The Hiring Process

Over the past two years I’ve had some good success and some failures with hiring employees and realized the number 1 cause of a poor experience came down to my hiring process which I’ve since started to perfect.

While I just wanted to touch on it in this post, I’ll be writing another post in the future with my hiring process. However before you start interviewing potential candidates, you need to start getting some applicants.

Where To Find Your Filipino Employees

There are a few main places I’ve used that have worked well for getting qualified candidates.

Most of my employees I’ve found through It’s a paid service but you will find some great candidates. I’ve posted an ad on there and had over 100 candidates within 2 days.

Easy Outsource

I’m starting to like Easy Outsource more and more. I’ve noticed that a lot of candidates that I see on also list themselves and apply for jobs at Easy Outsource. The downside is that the system is setup in a way so that most job searchers can apply to multiple jobs with the click of a button, so they don’t tailor there cover letter to your job specifically. However you can find quite a lot of candidates, and best of all it’s FREE to use.


I’ve listed a few ads on Craigslist in the Philippines which got me quite a lot of resumes. I’d suggest posting your ad in Manilla and Davao City (although it might not hurt to try some of the other cities). Keep in mind that Manilla is a huge city so the cost of living is a bit more so you’ll be spending a little more on salaries.

I’ve heard some great things about, but I’ve never used the site. I’ve heard that you have to be in the Philippines to use it, but I guess people have ways around it to find good employees.


A lot of marketing forums have sections for you to hire people for different tasks. Quite often you can find people who are looking for long term work. Check out Digitalpoint, WickedFire, Warrior Forums, Blackhat World, etc… and you can find some good talent.

Word of Mouth

Ask your current outsourcers or other people you know who have outsourcers if they know of any one. Any time I’ve asked my employees if they know of someone good that’s looking for work they always do. You can find some of your best employees just through word of mouth.


Do you have any questions on hiring? Ask them in the comments below. Look for more posts in the future on the hiring process, communication, and other outsourcing tips.

Are there any places I’m missing that you’d suggest looking?

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2 Responses

  1. Great tips!

    As you know I hired my first full-time employee recently and he has been doing a great job so far. He has understood everything that I have asked him to do so far and even when he has a question he’s not afraid to ask. I found him on Easy Outsource.

    1. I am a freelancer myself. I didn’t dump any of my clients at any time and completed all of the tasks appointed to me with sincerity and was rewarded with good feedback.

      But, recently i have noticed an alarming amount of affection for writers from Philippines among the buyers specially among the buyers from USA. So, i searched the reason and got this blog.

      The massage i want to give is, There are good outsourcers all around the world. Why choose them from one definite country. If an outsourcer of any country proves inefficient, then, it doesn’t mean that all of the outsourcers in the country are bad.

      So, please before appointing anyone make a good interview and judge deeply. You should get success in your business if you are sincere, don’t blame a definite territory.

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