How I Almost Doubled My Conversions In Less Than 5 Minutes

If you’ve been around Internet marketing for more than 5 minutes, I’m sure you’ve heard about the importance of split testing your landing pages. I believe that the only time you should stop split testing, is when your conversion rate reaches 100% (which honestly won’t ever happen).

I’ve had an old campaign running with search traffic that I haven’t touched in about 2 years. It doesn’t get a ton of traffic, but makes a consistent profit of $50-$100 a day. I got lazy with the campaign as I have just had it on autopilot.

For the past year or so the conversion rate has been hovering around 1.05%. Not to bad for a $75 CPA. It had been a few years since I did any testing with my landing page so I figured I would make one minor change and see if it made any difference.

The only thing I changed was the background color.

Everything else on the site stayed the same, but I changed the background color from red to a light blue at the beginning of October. Since then my conversion rates have shot up to around 1.97%. With a $75 CPA, just that little increase means a lot more profit and it only took a few minutes to change.

I used a WordPress theme on the site called WP Bankable I got from Theme Forest. Here is a quick screenshot of the theme and the backgrounds (my landing page looks different, but uses the same colors).

All in all less than a 5 minute change almost doubled the conversion rate.

Make sure to never stop testing your landing pages. Test everything!

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20 Responses

  1. What type of site/campaign is it? Like what type of offer, you dont have to tell me the exact offer and how is the site set up? Is it a like a review based site or a blog with a few articles? Just wondering as different types of style of landing pages may depend on the mood / color needed too…


  2. Great improvement in conversion.

    Blue is the colour of trust and credibility. That may be the reason of this change.

  3. Great case study, goes to show how a simple change could make such big difference.
    From my previous GWO experiences, the color of your button is another huge factor … I see you’re already looking into testing it.

  4. It’s amazing how a relatively small tweak can drive such a dramatic change in performance. Just another example of why affiliates should constantly test and optimize their campaigns. You never know when you will find something simple that will make a big difference.

  5. I have tested so many background colors in so many different campaigns it is not even funny.

    90% of the time light blue or a variation of light blue wins.

    Also, if I have a 2 or 3 step funnel system of landing pages, whichever color wins on the first page, will win through the rest of the pages also…

  6. I added your tweet about this to my favorites and forgot to come back and check it out. Awesome discovery! I always tell my publishers to KEEP split testing because you never know what little change will push your conversion rate to the next level. Congrats on the success of the campaign! Has the conversion rate held up?

    1. I’ve used Google Website optimizer before but that’s it. Usually if it’s a landing page, I’ll just create two landing pages and send half the traffic to one and half to the other.

      I’m going to write up a quick post on how to do it with Google website optimizer though.

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