How I Got 226,626 Unique Visitors In 1 Week With 1 Blog Post

I’ve been a big fan of content marketing for a long time. Sure, paid traffic is fun, but when you can bring a tidal wave of traffic to your site for zero cost other than your time, it’s a beautiful thing. I run multiple blogs and have learned quite a lot over the years about […]

How I Leveraged a Blog to Get 2 Book Deals

If you would have asked me 10 years ago if I would have been a published author at some point in my life, I probably would have laughed straight in your face. Seriously, that is the last thing I thought I could do. I never really enjoyed writing, plus I figured I didn’t have any […]

Content is King, Keanu Reeves Can Act and Other Lies We’re Told

Back when I was a kid, my sister and I spent way too much time watching Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure starring Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter. Maybe it was because I was only 7 when it was released, but from that age all the way through high school I believed it to be one […]

21 Awesome Blog Titles To Attract Visitors To Your Site

I know how blogging and content creation goes a lot of times. You spend hours writing a post, edit it, make it look nice and promote the crap out of it on social media. However you look at your traffic and there might be a slight spike, but not much, and very little comments if […]