About Logan Thompson

Hi, I’m Logan.

Logan Thompson

Growing up I dreamed of a career playing basketball in the NBA.

I spent hours rehearsing my game winning shots in my driveway while imagining a stadium full of fans going nuts at the sound of the ball falling effortlessly through the net.

If you’ve met me after the age of 13, you’re probably laughing at the thought of me trudging up and down an NBA court.

It didn’t take too long to realize that dream wouldn’t become reality.

Luckily in high school I landed a job building out eCommerce stores for the gift basket company GiftTree (one of the few to make it out of the dot com bubble). I quickly became hooked on eCommerce and digital marketing and found my true calling.

Over 20 years later I still get excited everyday to work on improving my craft every day.

So just what is it that I do you ask? Great question.

I specialize in everything Digital Marketing, eCommerce and SaaS.

Exciting things such as:

✔️ Building out landing pages, Shopify sites and sales funnels
✔️ Conversion rate optimization
✔️ PPC and SEM marketing
✔️ Social media marketing
✔️ Email marketing
✔️ Affiliate marketing
✔️ SEO

Did I mention I love building teams?

Especially when I get to work with brilliant people. Currently I’m the marketing director at Dropified where I get to lead an amazingly talented team and help thousands of entrepreneurs have success with eCommerce.

I love what I do.

How To Connect With Me

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