A Niche For Every Season

To be a good affiliate marketer (or any type of marketer for that matter), you need to be at least one step ahead of your customer. When your customer is looking for swimsuits for the summer, you should already be in the planning stages of what you are going to be doing for fall, or even better yet, “pre-fall”.

The past few weeks I have been noticing an increase in sales for a small niche site I built a few years ago that I don’t really spend much time updating. Although I was a bit surprised when it went from 2 sales a week to about 10 sales a day, I quickly realized it was because of an increase of back to school shoppers. The site targets apparel for teenagers, which greatly increases with the back to school rush. This has got me thinking of how I can plan my niche sites based around the calendar.

Pretty much every affiliate marketer will tell you they love November and December because of the Christmas rush, but what if you where to plan your sites so that you would have a rush all year long? For one you would have a little more stable stream of revenue, and two you would probably be making more money.

To be successful, you can’t wait until the last minute to work on your sites. Don’t wait until October 29th to start planning your Halloween costume site. Try to get your sites built at least a month prior to, if not longer before the specific season starts.

Off the top of my head, here are a few seasons and niche ideas your could build that go with them. I know there are tons more so use your imagination as well as Google Trends to help you find what is going to be hot in the next few months.

New Years – Party supplies, weight loss and health sites, journals

Valentines – Gifts, flowers, cards

St. Patrick’s Day – Green gifts

Easter – Egg dyeing, candy, gift baskets, flowers

Mothers and Fathers Days – Flowers, gifts, be creative

Halloween – Costumes, candy

Thanksgiving – Decorations, kitchen utensils, art supplies

Christmas – Pretty much everything

Winter – Jackets, ski & snowboarding gear, sleds

Fall – Back to school supplies, kids and teens apparel, backpacks

Summer – Swim gear, pool supplies, camping gear

Spring – Gardening supplies, hiking gear

What are you building now that is going to be hot 3 months from now?

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6 Responses

  1. Simple, but this is going to save me some thinking time. We all have to think in a very cyclical nature about the marketing environment… so this is actually a surprisingly good guide! Thanks 🙂

  2. You bring up some good points here Logan. We also wrote a post about this not too long ago and one thing we stressed that affiliates do is create a generic checklist that they can use to execute their campaigns during any holiday or event.

    Even though specific details and targeting will change depending on the holiday or event, the approach and techniques will remain the same. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should check it out here: http://xr.com/of2

  3. You are truly insightful and I love to read your blog to see what great ideas or comments you come up with next. The information you give is always inspiring and very true!!! Thank you for all of the info. and keep posting!!

    Thanks Logan!!!

  4. You have stated that the marketers should be ahead of their customers, yeah that is rights. Cos that could be a great advantage in the side of the marketers. Being able to know what is the business all about is one of the key features of a successful business.

  5. Logan, the wedding niche is about to quiet down for three months while the Christmas season works its magic on our economy. But once the New Year hits, the multi-billion dollar bridal industry heats up again. Now is the perfect time for affiliate publishers to get bridal promotions and content ready for the 2010 rush.

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