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Yahoo and Bing Sitting in a Tree

Today Yahoo and Bing announced that the transition of Yahoo search ads to Bing is now complete.  I noticed a nice increase in traffic on my Bing campaigns and am definitely looking forward to being able to manage both Yahoo and Bing campaigns all from 1 interface.

However there are few things about the transition that I don’t like.

  1. Bing’s interface doesn’t work well in Chrome, which is my browser of choice.
  2. You can’t target just Yahoo or just Bing, it’s a 2 for 1 combo.
  3. Microsoft AdCenter desktop seems a bit slow and bulky. Twice when I’ve tried to upgrade it has crashed and I’ve had to do a complete uninstall and re-installation. Pain in the butt.

I haven’t really noticed any bid price increases yet, but it is still early to tell.

If you’re a PPC marketer, what’s your thoughts on the transition?

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  1. Well I’m still waiting for my YSM account to be transferred over. Every time I would try and move it, Adcenter would keep timing out, so I finally had enough called MSN and talked to someone and he said he would do the transfer for me 2 days ago and well I’m still waiting.

  2. I’m really happy about the transition. It’s great to have phrase match keywords for Yahoo! The Advanced Match keywords in YSM work great if you don’t mind a few lame duck searches because you’re getting $0.05 clicks. However it was always a bit unpredictable and entering all the Standard Match keywords was a major hassle. With phrase matching my Yahoo keyword lists are way shorter.

    The down side is the adCenter interface is really clunky, and Microsoft does updates whenever they feel like without letting you know. Several times I have been in the middle of doing something and the interface went down.

  3. MSN adcenter interface doesn’t with browsers other than IE.It is giving many problems,as i use only linux machine.

    1. Yeah, that is definitely a pain.

  4. I couldn’t agree more on the Adcenter Desktop tool, every time that I upgrade the same thing always happens to me. I almost wish they would have replaced it with the YSM Desktop Tool, it always worked for me and I never had issues.

  5. I have been using adceter with Chrome for some time now, I know they would give you a warning message when you first hit it through chrome, but if you ignore the message, you’d notice that most of the stuff functions correctly

    1. Yeah, but not all of the functionality. Especially the billing and account settings area doesn’t really work at all.

  6. I’m quite relieved they finally finished the transition. After having a great first few months of the year on both Bing and Yahoo, I’ve been seeing a steady drop in impressions and a steady rise in click prices, and the past few months have been horribly inconsistent. The transition in mid-October seems to have brought everything back to normal, and the click prices are going back down, too.

    1. I’ve been seeing the same thing Brady. It seems in the last few days my clicks are increasing and click prices are dropping a bit. Hopefully that will stick. Thanks for the comments.

  7. Our company signed up for a Microsoft AdCenter account after the merge took place. We’ve seen decent campaign performance. I use IE so I haven’t experienced any browser issues. It’s pretty convenient to be able to cover Yahoo and Bing in the same interface. The big limitation at this point is that Microsoft AdCenter still has no way of running self-serve display campaigns, whereas Google AdWords DOES have that functionality.


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