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WordPress Coupon Code Plugin

It’s no secret that a lot of affiliates make a load of money with coupon sites. People love saving money and when they see a shopping cart with a coupon code field they generally will leave and try to find a code before completing their order. I know quite a few affiliates with coupon sites and they work. My buddy Eric Nagel is even selling one of his sites that made him $37,000 in a year, all from coupons.

I’ve had a few coupon sites in the past that I designed with WordPress, and one of the troubles I had was getting people to click the link to set the cookie instead of just copying the code.

There are a few plugins and themes out there, but most are boring and didn’t fit that basic need I had. Then this morning I saw a tweet from my friend Chris Guthrie that he released a new WordPress plugin called coupon code plugin, which does exactly what I want in a coupon plugin.

The plugin is pretty simple with an easy to use interface. You insert your affiliate code, coupon code, name, and even a short code, and then it does the rest.  You just tell it where to insert the code. If even automatically masks your affiliate link if you want it to as well as tracks clicks.

There are also multiple styles to choose from, so you can customize it to the look of your site.  When someone clicks on the coupon code, it opens your link and automatically copies the code.  It sets the affiliate cookie, the person orders using your coupon, and bam, you make money!

Nice work on this plugin Chris.  For $37, it is well worth it.  Especially since coupon sites can have crazy conversion rates since the buyers are already in the buying mode.

Check out the plugin and watch the video to see how easy this plugin is.

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7 comments… add one
  1. You are SO fast… grrrr 🙂

    It looks like a great plugin doesn’t it?

  2. Added “Coupon Site” to to-do list.

    Already have a couple ideas on how to combine this with PPC to make some quick and easy campaigns..

    Thanks for the recommendation! 🙂

  3. Looks like a great plugin and I will take a look at it. Thanks for sharing it with us. 😛

  4. as an affiliate marketer i need this plugin badly

  5. I just bought it, the price is $37 not $27.
    Pros: It’s simple, good but not great.
    Cons: I can’t set the expiry date with the plugin.

  6. I need it to work on a city portal for restaurant coupons. Does this plugin only work with affiliate codes ?


  7. Hello Juan, while the plugin is used to protect affiliate links, you can enter any link you like, it does not have to be an affiliate link.

    Thank you


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