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Search Engine Optimization

Best SEO Theme For WordPress

I’ve been spending a ton of time lately working on SEO. It seems like I’ve spent countless hours going over ever piece of my sites, building tons of backlinks, and constantly thinking of how I can improve my search results.

One thing I’ve learned since all my sites are built on WordPress, is that having a good framework is essential to ranking your sites quickly.

Over the years I’ve bought just about every paid theme available, with some claiming to be the best SEO WordPress theme around. While I’ve had success with multiple themes, the one that I use on pretty much all my sites (including my blog) is Thesis.

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Changing Google’s Description

This week, one of my websites was showing a description in Google that I had no idea where it came from. It wasn’t using the meta description or any of the text on my site. After exploring the issue I learned that it was pulling the data from the open directory project (ODP). I was wanting to use my meta description on Google instead and finally figured out how to block Google from using the ODP description.

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