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Plenty Of Fish Case Study Suggestions

I need your suggestions.  Check out the video below and let me know what offer, merchant, etc. you want me to try for a case study.  I don’t care if you’re an affiliate manager, network owner or affiliate, I value your input (no matter how goofy it is).  I’ll then include the offer in an extensive case study.

Check out Plenty of Fish’s ad guidelines at here.

What do you think?  Even if its profitable, I will share all the details with you.

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9 comments… add one
  1. Do a CPS offer on Clickbank. See if you can get something like a solar offer or weight loss profitable that isn’t a rebill!

  2. You should advertise a guide to advertising on facebook…. ermm… haha

  3. @Jonathan – I should. Ian Fernando has a great one. Plus he used my quote on the landing page. 🙂

  4. Well… I didn’t give this much thought, but I think anything in the Health / Fitness vertical would probably do quite well… just my 2 cents

  5. Sandals & Beaches Resorts (on CJ), or some sort of travel merchant. Maybe because the people on POF may find their true love across the country, you can promote Southwest, Jet Blue or a generic travel site?

    We also have a few email & zip submits that are doing well. Please email me when you have a chance, and I will make some other suggestions. Thanks

  7. I say you go for something unique like Liquid Trust. http://www.verolabs.com/

    Pays 26% commission and has a good EPC. Pretty targeted to Plenty of Fish audience!

    Flowers and chocolates are an option but probably pretty competitive.

    Or just go straight for the condoms… i assume that the Plenty of Fish audience is not the type to walk into a corner store and grab a sixer of rubbers.

  8. niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……………………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. How did this case study turn out? looking to start using POF ads.


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