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Goodbye Twitter and Facebook

I’m quitting both Twitter and Facebook starting today.  Last night I was reading the book, Attention! This Book Will Make You Money by Jim Kukral which I got last month at ShareASale ThinkTank and I was enlightened.  To be honest I was expecting this book to be a waste of time (mainly because I figured it would be geared more towards Internet newbies wanting to learn how to make monies online).

He had a section called Be Productive or Perish. It’s definitely not any ground breaking info but it definitely got me thinking about my own productivity lately. Basically he talked about learning how to be more productive and get rid of distractions that take time away from what you should be doing.

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WordPress Coupon Code Plugin

It’s no secret that a lot of affiliates make a load of money with coupon sites. People love saving money and when they see a shopping cart with a coupon code field they generally will leave and try to find a code before completing their order. I know quite a few affiliates with coupon sites and they work. My buddy Eric Nagel is even selling one of his sites that made him $37,000 in a year, all from coupons.

I’ve had a few coupon sites in the past that I designed with WordPress, and one of the troubles I had was getting people to click the link to set the cookie instead of just copying the code.

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How To Split Test Landing Pages With WordPress

I’ve been on a split testing craze lately trying to eek out every dollar out of every campaign.  If you read my previous posts on how I doubled my conversion rate just by changing the background color, then I’m sure you see the power in split testing everything on your landing pages.

What happens though when your site is in WordPress?

There are two ways to approach your split testing in WordPress that I’d recommend. The first is geared more if you are sending traffic to specific landing pages via paid traffic. To split test, just create two identical pages (make sure to hide one from search engines if you care at all about your search rankings), change the element on 1 of the pages you want to split test, then send traffic to each. Find the winner, ditch the loser and test something else. Repeat, over and over again.

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Capitalize On Hot Trends

Like any good marketer, I’m always searching for hot trends looking for the next thing that is going to be a big money maker. I usually check out Google Trends to find out what people are searching for and see if there might be something that is trending to capitalize on.  I came across a pretty useful site today that lists Google trends, but also a few more sites that offer trends (sort of like the AffBuzz of the trends world).

The site is Trends Buzz and it aggregates hot topics from Google Trends, Twitter, Yahoo! Buzz, Alexa Hot Topics, Bing xRank, Wikipedia trends, New York Times, and a few others. It makes it easy to check out what people are searching for.

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