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The Mother Of All Affiliate News Sites

Affposts.comIf you’re in the affiliate space, or aspire to be, it’s always a good idea to keep up with whats going on around the blogosphere.

Over the years some fantastic sites have popped up that aggregate all the news from popular blogs and sites to help ease the task of going to each individual site yourself. They also work great at exposing you to new blogs and information that you’re unfamiliar with.

Many have been decent, yet often lack flexibility and customization. Until now.

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1 Easy Way Merchants Can Make Affiliates Mad

As an affiliate there are a few things that make me a bit mad when dealing with affiliate networks and merchants.

Most of the time I have a good enough relationship with the major partners I’m working with, but sometimes merchants do things that have me pulling my links and moving on.

This morning I got a generic email from a network informing me that my commission had been changed from a merchant. I don’t have a problem when merchants have to lower commissions, I get that. It’s all in how they handle it.

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21 Awesome Blog Titles To Attract Visitors To Your Site

Wordpress Blog Post TitleI know how blogging and content creation goes a lot of times. You spend hours writing a post, edit it, make it look nice and promote the crap out of it on social media.

However you look at your traffic and there might be a slight spike, but not much, and very little comments if any at all. You created some epic content and yet no one reads it.

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How To Setup Your First Affiliate Site In Less Than 5 Minutes

BlueHostYears ago (the mid 90s) when I was learning how to build websites I remember there was a lot to learn in order to get a website up and running. You had to know how to code html, manage a server and of course choose the best animated images.

Fast forward to today and things are completely different. In all honesty you could probably show a 5 year old how to setup their first website.

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5 Marketing Podcasts To Help Grow Your Websites

HeadphonesYesterday I posted how I’ve started listening to marketing podcasts while I run and how that increased my running distance substantially.

As a follow up, I wanted to create a list of 5 marketing podcasts that I’m listening to that I’ve taken away some good solid information. They all are definitely worth listening to if you are interested in growing your affiliate marketing business.

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