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Is The Facebook Advertising Approval Team Racist?

First of all, let me preface this post by saying that I’m not claiming anyone is racist, I’m just putting this out there and letting you decide since there may be something I’m missing or not seeing.

This weekend I quickly setup a new Facebook campaign for a vision related offer.  I didn’t spend a lot of time on it, but I just wanted to get it up and start seeing some traction.

I broke the ads down into multiple campaigns and I just want to talk about one of those.

To make things easier, I used images that I already had on my computer and put up 3 images.  I used the same exact title and description across all of these ads and segmented them down into 3 different age groups.

So there was 3 age groups for each of the images which resulted in 9 ads total.

Here are the 3 images I used.

Out of those 9 ads I created, 3 of them were disapproved because “the image included in your ad is not suitable to appear on Facebook.

Can you guess which image was disapproved 3 times?  If you guessed the African American lady you are correct.

Now maybe there is something missing, but the first two images are very similar. The only two things I see different in the images is that in the one that was disapproved, the lady isn’t white, and she is slightly overweight.

So what would cause them to disapprove one of those images over the other?  Is there something I’m missing or are they just racist or don’t like overweight people?

What do you think?

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  1. Well they could be edgy with black people images since racism will likely be towards them than white people. They could be thinking that you are trying to be funny and adding a funny black person as a pic just to be funny or racist?

    Anyways nice observation!

  2. I’ve been saying they’ve been racist for a while now. I’ve seen the same thing with an african american girl I tried in my dating ads. Damn racists over there.

  3. Maybe it’s cause the black one is looking more seductively, taking off the glasses?

  4. Maybe they just don’t like overweight people, lol 😉

  5. Wow, that’s terrible. FB staff are actually nuts, I’m pretty sure. No consistency whatsoever. I can submit 50 identical ads, and 35 will be accepted, 15 refused. They are clones of each other. Ridiculous. They need to get their act together.

  6. No doubt about it… Facebook ads’ reviewers are racist.

    And don’t try to submit a picture with a hint of skin… they get nuked, too. This is a far cry from just last year when you could use images with clevage and get approved (and see click thru rates skyrocket )… even the ladies clicked on ads with clevage. Everyone seems to like to see clevage:>

    I’ve been experimenting a lot with Facebook advertising… and that’s important because testing the right images (as you note in this post) is the BIG difference between paying a lot for clicks (or paying little for clicks). I’m able to get clicks as low as 4 cents each… and that’s for EXTREMELY targeted clickthrus.

  7. I think the fatty would like a stereotype of black females…. just my thoughts from a black female 😛

  8. I’d have to say that a few reviewers on Facebook may be “melanin biased.” 🙂

    I’ve ran a few ads using images of “Black” adults and on several occasions they have been disapproved because they were not deemed suitable. I won’t get into the ad copy, but suffice to say, it was promoting a product deemed for African Americans and I had to continually re-submit ads just to gain a 60% approval.

    I’ve resolved to leaving FB alone when it comes to these types of products. Ultimately, MSN and Adwords don’t give me any problems.


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