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How To Split Test Landing Pages With WordPress

I’ve been on a split testing craze lately trying to eek out every dollar out of every campaign.  If you read my previous posts on how I doubled my conversion rate just by changing the background color, then I’m sure you see the power in split testing everything on your landing pages.

What happens though when your site is in WordPress?

There are two ways to approach your split testing in WordPress that I’d recommend. The first is geared more if you are sending traffic to specific landing pages via paid traffic. To split test, just create two identical pages (make sure to hide one from search engines if you care at all about your search rankings), change the element on 1 of the pages you want to split test, then send traffic to each. Find the winner, ditch the loser and test something else. Repeat, over and over again.

Simple right?  Yep, it’s not that difficult.  If your traffic is coming all from organic traffic though it becomes a little trickier.

Luckily you can use Google Website Optimizer to conduct your split tests for you.

Just setup Google Website Optimizer like you normally would and then go download the Website Optimizer WordPress plugin. Then just use this formula for your first test.

  1. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  2. Create the landing pages and the conversion page
  3. Create the experiment in the Google Website Optimizer
  4. Use the textareas added in the page or post edit form to embed the control, tracking and conversion code provided by the Google Website Optimizer

The next step is to watch your profit increase.

If you’re not familiar with how Google Website Optimizer works, make sure to check out these tutorials.

How do you split test pages in WordPress?

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  1. Google Website Optimizer is awesome. That’s still something google does right.

  2. I remember when I was a super newb I checked out that service and ran away as fast as I could because it confused the crap out of me. After a little while in the game though it definitely seems like an easy way to do some split testing.

  3. I wrote a plugin, now broken, that will put in different posts and tracking scripts in the footer. My new plan is to combine Goal tracking and this plugin to achieve the desired effect — should be a little more elegant.

  4. I tried GWO with WP and received terrible stats. It constantly ignored conversion actions and left me with useless data. I couldn’t go back and add missing actions. I couldn’t edit or copy campaigns. I felt like I had my hands tied behind my back. I’m starting to realize that WP and split testing are mortal enemies. 🙁 it’s solo much easier with straight up php pages.

  5. I like split testing with Google because it is so easy to use. Did you try optimizely out? I hear its founded by some guy that worked at Google.com.

  6. Hi,

    Thanks for the tip! Problem is that the plugin you mention is not updated since 2009, and does not work. Any other tips on plugins for GWO?

  7. Thanks for this article. I just might try the plugin you mentioned.

  8. My question is slightly different.

    Is there a way to split test A/B a single WordPress post. You write two different sets of text but they appear alternatingly on the same post. Traffic goes to the same page with the same Title/Headline but the post body text alternates. Both body texts would have a sign up link with a unique code and over time we will know which body text converts better.

    Same post, alternating text.

    Any ideas?

  9. We just released a WordPress plugin that is a simpler alternative to Google Optimizer that allows you to run split tests inside of WordPress using shortcodes. Would love additional feedback on it and any suggestions on more advanced features.

    WP Cash+ Automatic Split Testing WordPress Plugin



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