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Goodbye Twitter and Facebook

I’m quitting both Twitter and Facebook starting today.  Last night I was reading the book, Attention! This Book Will Make You Money by Jim Kukral which I got last month at ShareASale ThinkTank and I was enlightened.  To be honest I was expecting this book to be a waste of time (mainly because I figured it would be geared more towards Internet newbies wanting to learn how to make monies online).

He had a section called Be Productive or Perish. It’s definitely not any ground breaking info but it definitely got me thinking about my own productivity lately. Basically he talked about learning how to be more productive and get rid of distractions that take time away from what you should be doing.

Maybe I have slight A.D.D. when I’m online, but I get distracted very easily. I generally have Tweetdeck (my desktop Twitter client), Facebook, Meebo (for instant messaging), Skype, and both my email accounts open at all times.  So when I try to work, I’m constantly being interrupted.

Some advice Jim gave was to set a goal.  For example if you’re working on a writing content for a site, give yourself a deadline to have it done in 2 hours.  During those two hours, that’s all you work on.  All your distractions are turned off, no matter if that means your email is shut down, Twitter and Facebook are not aloud on your computer, phone is off, TV is definitely off, and you can focus completely on the task at hand.

This is tough for me because I would much rather be checking my fantasy football team, or watching a funny video someone sent, but my productivity has been fairly poor recently.

So this week I’m trying things a little different than normal.  I’m turning off Tweetdeck and Facebook.  I’ll allow myself to check in at a few set times throughout the day (as I do feel they are both valuable as business tools), but for the majority of the day I won’t have them open.

Goodbye Twitter and Facebook distractions and hello productivity.

It’s time to get work done.

What are the things you are allowing yourself to be distracted by and what can you do to eliminate them so you can work harder?

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  1. I don’t think I use twitter or facebook that much but I don’t work at home like other marketers.

  2. Good luck! Let me know how it goes!

  3. I know exactly what you’re talking about. I quit Facebook two weeks ago and boy it’s one major distraction I don’t have to deal with now.
    Now I need to take care of my Youtube / news addiction 🙂

    Good luck on your Facebook-less journey, I personally think it’s well worth it.

  4. Makes sense hope it works out for ya just think you might be missing out on some opportunity when offline. Set your boundaries with people who IM you don’t let them IM u for every little thing.

    1. I’m not planning on signing off IM as thats important to my business, just getting rid of checking into Twitter and Facebook constantly.

  5. Hey Logan – it is definitely easy to get distracted and lose focus on getting things done. Cutting out those distractions and setting specific goals is a great way to stay on task.

  6. Hope this works out well for you Logan,

    There’s definitely tradeoff as I do get some new ideas for campaigns, etc from tweets … but then again, that brings a new level of distractions that could potentially suck up lots of time.

  7. I’ve dealt with the same trouble with social media distracting me from work. I keep Twitter, Facebook, AIM, Skype, and email closed most of the time. I only AIM or Skype by appointment.

    When I’m doing solid work, I’ll go all day without checking them at all. When I’m coasting a bit, I’ll cheat and open Facebook and email several times per day.


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