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Fail Friday: Sit On Your Butt And Get Great Abs

This weeks Fail Friday takes us to a product that would make any Hula dancer rethink her whole routine.  There aren’t any products out there to allow you to sit on your butt, not really do anything, and have an amazing workout all all the same time.  Well, that was until the invention of the Hawaii chair.

First of all, check out this infomercial and you will wonder how you ever worked without it.  On second thought, how come the lady in the commercial isn’t typing while on the chair if it is so great for work?  The Hawaii chair definitely deserves a “what were they thinking?”  Watch the models using it, they are trying to smile but look incredibly uncomfortable.

For only $300 it may be worth it.  Well, if they include a years worth of chiropractor visits with it.  Interested in learning more, check out there site for even more “great” products.

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