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Man RunningToday is Monday, my favorite day of the week for sure. Why exactly? Well, I get to go back to working on projects that I absolutely love. My feelings on Mondays have definitely changed since I was stuck in a cubicle working on projects that didn’t interest me years ago.

Anyways, I wanted to share with you something that I discovered this past week that has changed me for the better and apply it to the question, “What should I be doing in my affiliate marketing business?”

Running Just Got Better

Over the years I’ve dabbled a bit in running. While I’ve never run a race (although I’m signed up to run a half-marathon in June), I’ve ran short distances off and on.

Honestly there are times I enjoy it, but most of the time I get bored. I put on my headphones, turn on some tunes and hit the pavement. Within 15 minutes my mind just gets tired of it so I quit.

I just figured I wasn’t in that great of running shape so I didn’t push myself.

Running for the most part was boring.

Then I remembered back in my college days going to the gym and jumping on the treadmill during March madness. I’d watch a game and run the entire first half as I was preoccupied with watching some college basketball. The second half I’d get on a stationary bike and watch the rest of the game if it was good enough.

It didn’t feel like¬†exercise, it felt more like watching a game.

While I prefer to run outside, I took that principle I learned years ago and tried something new last week when running. Instead of music, I downloaded some marketing podcasts and put them on while I ran.

Wow, my first run was 3 miles and it felt like a warmup as I was so engulfed in the podcast. Friday I ended up running 4.3 miles and Sunday I ran 6.1. All 3 were probably my longest runs in over a year and my pace was a 8:30 mile.

At the end of the run I didn’t feel like I did when listening to music. I was learning and felt amazing. Honestly I could have ran longer.

In my years of running this is the first time I absolutely loved running over 5 miles.

I found what works for me. Listening to business podcasts while running.

If you were to ask other runners, they might prefer music or even just silence. I even have a friend who loves running and listening to comedians.

While there are many different ways people prefer to run, I tried a few and found what I like best and gets me the best results. I don’t have to do it the same way as everyone else (although I’m sure a lot of people listen to podcasts on the run).

What Does Running Have To Do With Marketing?

One of the big questions I get asked from people just starting out in online marketing is what should I do? Should I build a blog or a niche site? Should I run social, PPC, or mobile ads? Should I monetize with adsense or Amazon?

My answer is usually simply do what works for you.

Now for beginners I’ll point them in a direction of their passion. What is it that you love to do? Start there and build out a site around what excites you and don’t sweat the small stuff.

It’s like me and running. Before I found out what works I put on my shoes and started running. Each time I did I started tweaking things until I found what works best for me.

Once you get your first site up, then and only then, start testing the waters. Try some PPC, try some mobile or social. Find what makes you excited to work every day and do it.

Don’t just sit there and continue running if you don’t like it. Keep trying new things until you discover what makes you energized to wake up Monday morning and rush to your computer to start working.

As for me, I can’t wait until my next run. I also am excited to be working on some really cool projects this week in my business.

What energizes you?

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