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Capitalize On Hot Trends

Like any good marketer, I’m always searching for hot trends looking for the next thing that is going to be a big money maker. I usually check out Google Trends to find out what people are searching for and see if there might be something that is trending to capitalize on.  I came across a pretty useful site today that lists Google trends, but also a few more sites that offer trends (sort of like the AffBuzz of the trends world).

The site is Trends Buzz and it aggregates hot topics from Google Trends, Twitter, Yahoo! Buzz, Alexa Hot Topics, Bing xRank, Wikipedia trends, New York Times, and a few others. It makes it easy to check out what people are searching for.

What I would do is see if there is something you could capitalize on.  For example right now I see “garth brooks nashville” is a trending topic.  Looking I see that tickets to a Nashville Garth Brooks concert go on sale this Saturday. You could buy a domain such as garthbrooksnashville.com (if it was available), create a mini site geared around that with some affiliate links to some ticket sites, build a few links into it, and probably rank fairly quick.

Yes, it might be a short lived site, but sometimes you can make a really good profit by capitalizing on short term keywords.

Also I’ve found some good long term niches by tracking what people are searching for.  Always keep your eyes open.

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  1. Great find, Logan. I’m bookmarking this one. Really useful tool for affiliates. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, amazing find. This is perfect

  3. Haha ‘like’ affbuzz…they are identical. Identically awesome that is.

  4. Nice! Thanks. 🙂

  5. Great advice! That should be a great site for affiliates to keep an eye on. Monitoring trends like this is definitely a good way to find new niches.

  6. Logan, thanks for the review, im the owner of trends buzz.

    I’ve been away almost a year so i kinda left the site there without touching it. Maybe i’ll twist it somehow, i thinking about doing a premium tool that would tell you would niche could be profitable or not.

    Any other suggestions?


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