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Best SEO Theme For WordPress

I’ve been spending a ton of time lately working on SEO. It seems like I’ve spent countless hours going over ever piece of my sites, building tons of backlinks, and constantly thinking of how I can improve my search results.

One thing I’ve learned since all my sites are built on WordPress, is that having a good framework is essential to ranking your sites quickly.

Over the years I’ve bought just about every paid theme available, with some claiming to be the best SEO WordPress theme around. While I’ve had success with multiple themes, the one that I use on pretty much all my sites (including my blog) is Thesis.

Why I Love The Thesis Theme

Out of the box it is a solid framework for SEO. I don’t have to worry about H1 tags and adding SEO plugins, it does all that for me.

For awhile I was running the All In One SEO plugin along with it until I realized it really isn’t needed. Thesis has it built in. The only plugin I really use is Google XML Sitemap.

The main reason I like it though is that it has increased my rankings time and again on multiple sites I own.

Case Study – Why I Think Thesis Is The Best SEO Theme For WordPress

Ok, so let me show you a recent example of the importance your theme is to your SEO.

Earlier this week I was browsing through my domains and came across a site that I put up about a year ago that was collecting dust. I didn’t build many links into the site so it was just sitting around in lala land using the Socrates theme.

Looking at my rankings tracker, the main keyword for the site was hovering around a rank of 40-50 in Google. Not great.

So I decided to try an experiment and the only thing I changed on the site was the theme. All the content and images were left exactly in place and all I did was change the theme to Thesis and changed a few colors.

I made the change on September 1st (which took just a couple of minutes) and moved on. I actually forgot I changed it up until yesterday.

I pulled up my rank tracker and now the site which was ranking between 40-50 for the past year was up to 14 5 (with no new backlinks, just a new theme).

You can take a look at the graph below to see how the rankings increased. Pretty incredible if you ask me.

I use Rank Tracker on all my sites to track my search rankings. I highly recommend it.

Obviously this isn’t the most competitive keyword in the world, but still, your theme for WordPress has quite a bit to do with your search ranking, especially if it’s producing crappy code.

Now my next step will be building in some back links to the site and adding a bit more content.

If you’re looking for great WordPress theme framework, go check out the Thesis Theme. I’m not saying it’s the only theme to use, but it’s the only one I use now.

Just make sure your theme is helping your rankings and not hurting them.

What theme do you think is the best SEO WordPress theme?

UPDATE: A few days after writing this post this site moved into the 5th position on Google (still haven’t built any links into it).

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  1. I used Thesis for a while and then I discovered Catalyst which I’ve used since then.

    It’s fully featured, flexible, intuitive, user friendly, powerful and SEO optimized, and the support is excellent as is the growing community of users. It’s also a bargain, includes lifetime updates and use on unlimited sites. Catalyst is my Thesis 🙂

  2. Where’s the graph from? What software/program/script is it?

    1. Reply
  3. It would be nice to not have to install all of my favorite SEO plugins each time.

  4. Yup, I ran thesis too and can confirm Google loves it 🙂 I read Thesis team is about to significantly raise prices for their product pretty soon.

  5. Thank’s for your sharing, unfortunately this template paid…

    1. It is a paid theme but worth every penny. Free templates are never usually good for SEO.

    2. I bought the developer’s version. I paid. This theme has paid me back dividends though. So, think of this as an investment.

  6. Logan,

    Is it possible to use rankchecker to check dutch rankings in google.nl? Thanks in advance for your time to reply!

    Klaas Koopman
    Inspired Media

    1. Yep, you can select search engines by country. They have a ton of countries built in and I just checked and google.nl is bult in.

      1. Dear Logan,

        Thank you for replying this quickly. I love reading your blog, and will continue to do so.

        If I will buy this item, I’ll revisit your blog so I can buy through your recommendation!

        Thanks once again for your reply and your overall information!

        Klaas Koopman


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