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5 Reasons I Love ShareASale

This past week I went to my 2nd ShareASale ThinkTank event in Half Moon Bay, CA. Basically it is an invite only conference they put on for some of their affiliates, merchants, and OPM’s. Although I haven’t done a whole lot with ShareASale over the years, they have quickly become my favorite network out there (and that’s not just because they paid for an amazing week).

Here are 5 of the many reasons I love ShareASale and why you should work with them if you haven’t.

  1. Their Staff
    While many networks out there have hundreds of employees, ShareASale has less then 20. The amazing thing is that they are far easier to contact and efficient to work with then other networks out there. The CEO Brian Littleton is one smart guy who knows how to run his business and really cares for his clients and listens to their needs. I love that I can contact them anytime for support and most of the time my question is answered in the same day.
  2. Real Time Reporting
    One thing I don’t understand is why other CPS (cost per sale) networks don’t offer real time reporting. With ShareASale when you refer a sale, it shows up in your account almost instantly. No waiting until the next day like CJ, or waiting weeks like LinkShare.
  3. Thousands Of Merchants
    Presently there are over 3200 merchants in ShareASale covering a huge range of niches. Some merchants offer just 1 product while others have tens of thousands. That’s basically millions of products that I can promote. There is never a time when you can’t find something to promote. Plus if you are used to CPA networks where every network offers the same products from only a handful of niches (weight loss, e-cigs, penny auctions, etc.), you have a lot more selection to laser focus your campaigns (along with plenty of options in your current favorite niches).
  4. Incredible Tools
    ShareASale has so many tools that you can’t find elsewhere. They have everything from make a page tools, custom link building, merchant widgets and coupons, to APIs and my new favorite, the make a video tool. The make a video tool allows you to upload a video, insert affiliate links and text throughout the video using cues, and it is hosted on the ShareASale server so it isn’t using your bandwidth.
  5. Fraud Protection
    I don’t think a lot of people realize that a lot of their commissions are being lost with adware. ShareASale disallows the use of adware, so affiliates don’t get screwed paying for traffic that scammers get credit for. I’m not necessarily talking all adware, but specifically adware that stuffs cookies at checkout pages. I’ve seen conversion rates significantly higher on the same program that’s on ShareASale compared to the same program on another network.

If you aren’t signed up for ShareASale, you need to. Also, if you’re a merchant looking for a place to manage your affiliate program, I’d definitely recommend ShareASale.

Also, check out my friend Eric Nagel’s recap of ThinkTank. We hung out quite a bit, so instead of writing my entire recap, I will re-live it through him.

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  1. Nice review, ShareASale sounds like a good affiliate network to go. Thanks for the info Logan.


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