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5 Marketing Podcasts To Help Grow Your Websites

HeadphonesYesterday I posted how I’ve started listening to marketing podcasts while I run and how that increased my running distance substantially.

As a follow up, I wanted to create a list of 5 marketing podcasts that I’m listening to that I’ve taken away some good solid information. They all are definitely worth listening to if you are interested in growing your affiliate marketing business.

These aren’t listed in any specific order and all have provided me with at least a nugget or two of great marketing ideas.

Make Money On The Internet Podcast

Make Money On The Internet PodcastMy friend Chris Guthrie (also from Washington) podcasts just about once per month. While he doesn’t have a ton of episodes live he is definitely getting better with some quality content.

If you’re looking for ways to make money online outside of just the standard blog or niche website (although he does cover those as well), give Chris a listen.

Social Triggers Insider Podcast

Social Triggers InsiderDerek Halpern just started this podcast in January and only has 4 episodes up, but all are packed with solid information. If you have ever been on his blog you know that he is one smart guy and drops some knowledge bombs that will take your business from pennies to Bentleys.

I definitely recommend anyone who has a website, regardless of what it’s about check out the Social Triggers Insider podcast. It is definitely worth your time.

The Smart Passive Income Podcast

Smart Passive IncomePat Flynn of Smart Passive Income has been podcasting since July of 2010 and each of his episodes gets better and better. He is easy to listen to, often has some great guests, and has great content, especially for those just starting out in building niche sites and creating passive income online.

He’s a very likable guy and an easy listen with some excellent info covering topics like how to conduct a webinar, buy and sell websites, build traffic, and hire virtual assistants.

The Lifestyle Business Podcast

The Lifestyle Business PodcastThis is a newer podcast to me, but Ian and Dan have been podcasting for awhile and are living a pretty exciting life. You never know where they’re going to be podcasting from. I’ve heard them in the Phillippines, Thailand and the US (and it sounds like they’ve done episodes in a bunch of different countries).

They cover all kinds of topics on how to make an income without having to work for a boss as well as work from anywhere in the world. This is definitely a podcast I’m starting to go back through and listen to older episodes (especially since they aren’t that long).

Inside Internet Marketing

Inside Internet MarketingDaniel M. Clark has a number of podcasts, and his Inside Internet Marketing is a great look inside the Internet marketing (mainly affiliate marketing) community. Each podcast he interviews experts in the industry who discuss a wide range of topics.

It’s always an interesting listen and definitely worth your time if you are in the affiliate marketing space.

What’s your favorite marketing podcast?

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  1. Hey Logan –

    Excellent list!

    I’ve been listening to Pat Flynn’s podcast for a while now and love it – I tend to playback some of his podcast’s a couple of times and get new bits of information every time.

    Check out “AdSense Flippers” podcast – They are 9 episodes in right now and also provide good information on niche sites and general IM stuff.


    – Dean

    1. Hey Dean, yeah the AdSense Flippers podcast is a great one. I almost added it to my list list, but I’ve only listened to it once. I’ll check it out. Thanks for stopping by.

      1. Thanks for the mention, Dean, and glad to hear you like our podcast!

        I’m familiar and listen to all of the above except for the last one, “Inside Internet Marketing”…will have to add that one to my list and check it out. Thanks, Logan!

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Logan! The other shows you mentioned are great; you can’t go wrong with Pat Flynn, especially.

  3. Thank you sir!! 🙂 +1 on AdsenseFlippers podcast.

  4. Another +1 for Adsense Flippers here. In the past few weeks I have listened to ALL of theirs and Pat Flynn’s podcasts! I’ve heard Chris Guthrie as a guest on several shows and didn’t realize he had his own podcast. I have to check that one out. Thanks!

    Also, Spencer from Niche Pursuits recently started a podcast.

    BlogcastFM is another great podcast with tons of big name interviews in the archives.


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