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1 Simple Trick To Reduce Blog Spam

Stop Blog Comment SpamWhether you blog or just run your sites using WordPress, spam comments are a pain in the butt. Hopefully at the very least you are using the Akismet plugin to help keep your comment spam from overwhelming your site.

While Akismet it great I’m sure you still get quite a bit of bot generated comments filling up both your spam box as well as making it to your approval page.

On my craft beer blog, I was getting anywhere from 250-500 comments coming in everyday which was a bit frustrating. While most were caught, not all were so I was left cleaning comments daily.

I’ve been using WordPress for years and had no idea there was a feature to turn off comments after a certain number of days which has been a savior to my spam problems. After making the small change a few months ago, I maybe get 5-10 spam message a week, and those are pretty much all caught by Akismet now.

How To Turn Off Comments After A Set Number Of Days

It’s pretty simple to change. Just login to WordPress and follow these instructions.

Stop Blog Spam

  1. Click on “Discussion” under Settings.
  2. Check the box next to the text “Automatically close comments on articles older than ___ days.”
  3. Set the number of days you want the comments to close after. I use 60 so people can still comment for up to 2 months after the post as been written.
  4. Use your free time saved by not managing your spam box to start a new hobby.

What other tricks do you use to stop WordPress comment spam?

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  1. This is one thing I always forget when setting up a new site. After a month or two when I get tired of deleting comments I usually get around to fixing it. I usually set mine at about two weeks.

  2. Great Tip!

    I had no idea that was in there. One more thing to add to the “To Do” list.

  3. Always wondered how to go beyond Akismet. And here the fix is right there ready to go. Thanks for the tip.


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