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1 Easy Way Merchants Can Make Affiliates Mad

As an affiliate there are a few things that make me a bit mad when dealing with affiliate networks and merchants.

Most of the time I have a good enough relationship with the major partners I’m working with, but sometimes merchants do things that have me pulling my links and moving on.

This morning I got a generic email from a network informing me that my commission had been changed from a merchant. I don’t have a problem when merchants have to lower commissions, I get that. It’s all in how they handle it.

With this merchant though I’m by no means their largest affiliate. I’ve done a little over $35,000 in sales with them since being a part of their affiliate program. While not a ton, I feel it’s large enough that they could have at least sent me a personalized email explaining the commission drop.

Instead I just get this generic email from the affiliate network:

Serious, after a few years of promoting the program they lower the commission from 15% to 2% with no explanation.

Needless to say those links are coming down.

Merchants, affiliates can understand if commissions have to be lowered. All we ask is an explanation and a personal contact for long term and bigger affiliates.

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  1. Did you try contacting them directly for an explanation? Drop some names! It could save other affiliates the headache of dealing with them.

  2. That’s a bit more than being lowered, it went from fairly decent to not worth my time. It would have been nice to have an explanation, to me it looks like pure greed, or you did something to really p*** them off.

  3. That’s just out of order!
    If that were me, I would stop sending them traffic. It’s unfortunate that some merchants don’t have the decency to collaborate with their affiliates.



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